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[Guide] Become a H.E.R.O today!
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12-30-2016, 12:23 PM
Highway Emergency Response Operators
[Image: CjnKQZ_WkAIRm5D.jpg]

What is a H.E.R.O?
A H.E.R.O is an Highway Emergency Response Operator. A member of the Evocity Department of Transport tasked with maintaining clean and safe highways and roadways within Evocity, assisting emergency services with access to accidents and clearing up and wrecks, debris and traffic direction as required.

H.E.R.O's also assist general members of the public with breakdowns, maintenance, servicing and customisation of their vehicle, any time of day, free of charge.

What do H.E.R.O's do?

Operators have a few goals they wish to reach on a daily basis.
  • Minimise disruption and traffic on all roads within Evocity.
  • To focus on factors that cause disruption to the flow of traffic and remove those factors.
  • To reduce all congestion around incident areas and assist the emergency services with saving lives.
  • Each operator also has a wide range of duties all listed below.
  • Patrol Evocity 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Reduce traffic build up and delays.
  • Provide support to all emergency services on scene and off scene.
  • Assist in clearing stalled vehicles from the roadside.
  • Set up and maintain road closures.
  • Remove any debris from travels lanes, if not possible, close the lane completely.
  • Help stranded motorists FREE OF CHARGE.

Some ways in which you can help stranded motorists are:
  • Changing flat tyres and inflating flats.
  • Jump starting flat batteries, if not then replacement or tow to a suitable location.
  • Provide fuel and water for the vehicle.
  • Provide fuel and water for the driver and passengers if needed.
  • Provide transportation to a safer area.
  • Provide free use of a telephone.

How do I become a H.E.R.O?

Becoming a H.E.R.O is simple, always put yourself out there whenever it is safe to do so, you can be an even more dedicated H.E.R.O by learning mechanics (Going mechanic) and making sure safety is your number 1 priority. Drive alert, arrive alive. You don't need to be a dedicated mechanic to become a H.E.R.O, just do your best to help other motorists out, provide them with what they need and alert the relevant services. Even if that is a more experienced operator.

Any other tips or advice?
A few general tips I've listed below as well a couple of youtube videos on H.E.R.O's and the wikipedia page.
  • The brighter and more vibrant you are, the easier you are to see.
  • Cars should ideally be painted bright green or bright yellow.
  • Always face oncoming traffic and always stand on the curbside when dealing with anyone.
  • Always stop behind the stranded vehicle.
  • Apply the handbrake on your vehicle when stopping, this prevent travel if an accident was to occur as well as illuminating your rear lights.
  • Carry some fuel cans and repair kits in your vehicle if possible to do so.
  • Something's too much for you? Pass it on, secure the scene best you can then call EMS/FD.
  • One of the best ways to move a wrecked vehicle curbside is to push it gently with your vehicle, after make sure it is clearly marked and visible for other road users.

[Image: 4v5bMCE.png]
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