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[0.8.9m] Limelight - UCP [User Control Panel]
Burnett Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:37 AM
[Image: Xg1xEoe.png]

Good day community.

Today we are glad to announce one of Limelights biggest release.

Before I continue, I would like to thank the entire staff-team for their trust in me and my work.

To the community:

Thank you for your patience during the year without a dupe-manager. 

You may wonder what *what the hell took so long?*

Well. Here is the answer:

[Image: ncpJVWV.png]

On a serious note:

The UCP is based on my web-framework called "Cloud2Box - Community Framework".

My goal was to have a product in stock for my company called "Cloud2Box".
Because every company needs a product that makes them known for it.
For example, at Limelight it is the CityRP 2 gamemode.

Since I'm familiar with programming languages for about 9 years, I decided to make something special.
Something that could be used as a base for bigger projects.

The UCP was born.

Developer vision/journey as to why I wanted something special for my company and Limelight:


Key facts:

+ The UCP is restricted to users/staff of Limelight. Players that haven't played on the server yet, are not allowed to log in. A friendly notification is shown when attempted.

+ Banned players are not allowed to log-in. If a session exists, it'll be destroyed.

+ Two versions of the UCP are available:  

MASTER [live version] and RC [release candidate]. 

The master version is available to everyone whereas the rc version is restricted to testers. The rc version contains bug-fixes and new features that will be merged into the master version, once tested/ready. Hotfixes will be applied to both versions. 

[Image: zV8gZhI.png]

The statistics page gives you an overview of various metrics. 

This includes:


Get an insight of various totals.

[Image: WaysnAe.png]

Player(s) of the month(s):

Two players are chosen based on their activity during the month.

[Image: UTbSSJf.png]

Want to know the previous ones? No problem. Simply select a month:

[Image: 9Coohn3.png]

Most active (based on total hours):
This list contains the most active players based on their accumulative amount of hours.

[Image: dgCGYyC.png]

You can also list up to 100 entries at once:

[Image: oRa8RHS.png]

This list contains the richest players.

[Image: OdUXCcD.png]

As with the other metrics, you can also list up to 100 entries at once.

Notable supporters:

This list contains the most supportive players which spent a lot of 'real' money.

(Don't want your name in it? Contact me via private message and I'll blacklist it)

[Image: QBIRr3w.png]

As with the other metrics, you can list up to 10 entries at once.

Highest REP count:

This list contains the most awarded players.

[Image: aBLLBhL.png]

As with the other metrics, you can list up to 50 entries at once.


Stats are retrived from a seperate cache-server. They are kept in cache for 30 minutes until wiped.
If you visit the stats page but nothing is in cache, you will be the special one who initializes the caching-procedure.
Then fresh stats will be fetched, processed and put into the cache-server for 30 minutes.

[Image: 1HXVdGf.png]

^ There is no need for your to reload that page. It'll automatically render all the stats once they're avialable in cache. It might take up to 10 seconds.

[Image: 2eLww6q.png]

The charcter page lists some OOC and in-character information.

OOC information:

For now there is not much. Just your pic, name, rank and steam-ids.

[Image: GmWk1VH.png]

In-Character information:

Some interesting stats about your in-game character.

[Image: p1NLTyG.png]

Wanna know your latest transactions? No problem:

[Image: ul5lde9.png]

You can check your jail-status as well:

[Image: fpmmSJw.png]

[Image: SsVVoY6.png]

The membership tab lists every information about your membership status.

Want to know when it expires or how much you've spent so far?

No problem, we got you covered:

[Image: 0vsGCey.png]

Not a member yet? You're welcome!

[Image: Upwk3uM.png]

Are you a staff member? Well then:

[Image: HpK9RJh.png]

[Image: YATBsGH.png]

The dupe manager is a fully featured application, giving you the most comfortable and fastest way to manage your contraptions. 


Drag 'n Drop support:

Simply drag a dupe/folder and drop it into a target directory.

[Image: namU5WS.gif]

Copy mode [added in version 0.8.3]:

As of version 0.8.3 you can copy a dupe/folder. Means that the original file/folder is not moved entirely.
If you want to move a dupe/folder instead, simply disable copy mode.

Copy mode is enabled per default.

[Image: 4FCnxaE.png]

Spectator mode:

Want to get a better/styleless overview? 
The spectator mode got you covered:

[Image: rOVQX6J.png]

Multihost compatible:

Yup. Due to the lovely Sys-API interface (component #4), the dupe-manager can retrive/send folders/files from/to multiple hosts. 

View details:

Want to know what's inside your dupe? No problemo.
Simply right click on it and you're good to go:

[Image: P6COCYv.png]

[Updated with version 0.9.8f]:

[Image: pONYee4.png]

Read more:


Easy. You can rename dupes and folders (except for home).

[Image: mOhMWnD.gif]


Easy. You can delete dupes and folders (except for home).

[Image: MJissbA.gif]

[Updated with version 0.9.8f]:

[Image: ZouviGn.png]

Read more:

Create (sub)-folders:

Did I tell you that this is possible?

[Image: eYLFyH1.gif]

The entire communication is encrypted.

[Image: t5PqOTM.png]


Special thanks to Faustie for sorting the Cloudflare issues Smile Heart
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Cooli Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:39 AM
Awesome! Too bad there is no access for banned players.
(This post was last modified: 08-22-2016, 12:42 AM by Cooli.)
Lods Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:42 AM
this is fuckin lit
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Lord Octagon Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:42 AM
This is one of the best things I have ever seen. All these aesthetics. And I'm famous!
[Image: CyTh0sh.png]
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Overlewd Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:48 AM
I love you.
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Mr.Sir Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:49 AM
what the hell, no words...
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Credits to @Bambo 
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Brax Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:51 AM
hooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit

this is it boys, pop that champagne and drink yourselves sick

you've earned it.

I'll just stand aside, taking weirdly posed photos of you all while you're passed out.
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PaulB Offline
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08-22-2016, 12:52 AM
10/10. Didn't expect you to make it all from scratch and your own framework.
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Arch.B Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:09 AM
Holy fucking shit this is amazing great work
[Image: dTxy37s.png]
Barkles Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:31 AM
I'm not gonna pretend I know how it works but it works well!
[Image: 3fAohub.png]
Hunter Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:36 AM
Honestly, I have NEVER seen anything like this... I'm glad I joined LL now Big Grin
[Image: Kv4tegk.png]
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Nightmare Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:50 AM
Jesus christ Burnett, you've really outdone yourself here. Good job!
[Image: f3823daa38.png]
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Burnett Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:55 AM
Thank you very much for all your responses guys! It makes me very happy!

Meanwhile I have received a few bug-reports, which I'm going to fix tomorrow.

Bug 1: Moderators are not able to see their membership status (

Bug 2: A lot of files/folders fail to pass validation due to illegal symbols (

Bug 3: The UCP is not responsive on some mobile devices. (

You can either file a bug-report on Github or on the forums here. If on forums, I will then add your report to the list on Github.
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Askasta Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:57 AM
Good Job Burnett
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Cooli Offline
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08-22-2016, 01:58 AM
The hype train is still in the changelog and I hope you didnt forget to remove it and thats its supposed to be there.

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