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Door-/Vehicle access for clans & teams || Fresh menu
Burnett Offline
Your fellow Dev and Security turtle.
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12-09-2016, 04:48 PM
Hello Community,

We have added some new features:

+ Now you can provide your clan and team with vehicle access

+ Now you can provide your clan with door access

+ Re-designed door and vehicle menu to fit our theme

+ Merged "Okay" button to "Close/Save"

+ Charge additional cost when door-group is active

(In previous version one could simply group doors to bypass the costs for the other door)
More about door-groups here:

+ Fixed an unknown exploit that allowed police/swat and firefighters
to change vehicle access permissions on disabled, warranted and stolen vehicles

Please note:  As usual, police/swat and firefighters have access to your vehicle when it's disabled (crash), warranted, marked stolen. 
However, they cannot alter permissions anymore.

Old New
[Image: UIhh70Y.png] [Image: fhKkwSI.png]
[Image: ulk0rQl.png] [Image: w89xX6i.png]
[Image: 9MEqLg0.png] [Image: JEcKspm.png]
Welker Online
The Meme Emperor
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12-09-2016, 04:58 PM
Hey that's pretty good
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  • Coupcake
Zona Offline
Norwegian Donator
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12-09-2016, 05:02 PM
Very nice!
[Image: G2XfZOT.gif]

Credits to @Balls
Ilias S. Offline
Limelight Community Donator
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12-09-2016, 05:06 PM
Kind Regards,
LimeLight Community Member
Eclipze Offline
Limelight Community Member
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12-09-2016, 05:35 PM
Wonderful Burnett, never disappointed with Limelight's updates.
Wesley Lawrence Offline
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12-09-2016, 06:11 PM
Awesome, Burnett! I was waiting for this one. Smile
[Image: bg3aWuf.png]
Nightmare Offline
Server Moderator (S2)
Moderator (Stage 2)
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12-09-2016, 06:12 PM
Well worth the wait! Excellent update, good job Burnett!
[Image: f3823daa38.png]
Daley Offline
I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle
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12-09-2016, 06:37 PM
Sours Offline
LimeLight Teacher | Doctor Internet's Desk Secretary
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12-09-2016, 06:52 PM
Excellent work. @Burnett!
[Image: YrWGG6M.png]

Nudelsalat im Panzer Offline
Anti-Antifa Deutschland
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12-09-2016, 11:15 PM
Excellent update!
Arch.B Offline
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12-10-2016, 12:23 AM
Good work
[Image: dTxy37s.png]

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