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Thread Contributor: Burnett[0.9.0a] Limelight - UCP [User Control Panel]
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Sep 12, 2017, 09:21 AM
LOL Most of the gundealers are clans self-supplying.
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Sep 17, 2017, 05:55 PM
Release of version 0.9.0a

[Image: 14sA1rc.png]

After three months of work we proudly announce our first
alpha version!


Now you can easily transfer your contraptions to other users!
Whether it be for an upcoming event, clan dupes, or when selling your contraptions,
this long-awaited feature provides some assistance . 

Transfer listing:

[Image: k8mGDAW.png]


If you are part of receivers, we will not expose your privacy to others.
In this case, other receivers won't know whether you received that request.

[Image: Mn0byMf.png]

[Image: uZijvus.png]


Check whether your receivers have accepted/declined your request:

[Image: TSceDpE.png]

Accepting/Declining/Removing a request:

Simply click the buttons if you wish to accept/decline/remove a request.

Security measures:

A request can only be accepted/declined once per receiver.

You cannot send a request to an invalid receiver.

If you're the owner (sender) of a request, the red button will remove it.
Remaining receivers won't be able to see, accept or decline it further.

If you have transfered a contraption and it goes missing by moving/removing it, 
the entire request will be removed when a receiver tries to accept it.
Therefor make sure you don't move/remove a contraption until your receivers have accepted/declined your request.
The contraption must remain it place, otherwise the request will be deleted, as explained above.

Initiating a transfer:

- Live Search feature
- Search by prefix (eg. [L² ) OR steamids OR steam name OR ingame name
- Allows up to 30 receivers in a single request

[Image: Vp8Uh96.png]

[Image: TV1OfMZ.png]

How to access request contraptions:

Once you have accepted a request, the contraption will be dumped into a folder called _requests_
That folder is located in the same map folder (eg. v4b1, event..) where the contraption initially came from.

For example:

UserA (sender) sends a contraption from his v4b1 folder to UserB (receiver).
As soon as UserB accepts the request, a copy of the contraption will be placed into his v4b1 _requests_ folder.

It does not matter whether you remove/mess around with the _requests_ folder because
the Dupe Manager simply re-creates it.

[Image: pVo1P5d.png]

You can even use the folder when in-game:

[Image: DVnTmp8.png]

Map folder Setup

In previous versions, the user had to join a specific server map, in order to initialize the Advanced Duplicator tool.
This is no longer relevant because it is supported by the Dupe Manager itself.
Haven't got a dupe on the event server yet? No problem - just initialize the map.

[Image: ZvPbDMk.png]

Console Access

Ever since we released the Dupe Manager, a console has been logging any relevant actions.
Now you have access to that console, which might come in handy when searching for errors.

[Image: StXzeFx.png]

[Image: EHe27ie.png]

Larger Map Containers

[Image: Nc5bLgu.png]

And lot's of other stuff. You can check the changelog above.
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Daniel Offline
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Sep 17, 2017, 06:55 PM
Nice Smile

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