Welcome to Limelight's wiki

Limelight currently offers two services, the forums and CityRP 2, which is a gamemode in Garry's Mod. Below you can find information on both services that will hopefully make it easier for you to use them in the future.

If unsure on how to create or edit pages and you are interested in contributing to the wiki, please go to playground and use https://www.dokuwiki.org/wiki:syntax if wanting to learn how to edit and create pages correctly without messing something up by accident.

Please name any photographs you upload properly, the filename should describe what they are showing, for example, vehicles photos should be named something like this:
This is needed so photographs are not a unrecognisable mess.

Same goes for how many pictures are uploaded per vehicle, all we need is a front left picture, a back right picture and possibly 2 more with the ELS module on and activated.

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