Welcome to A semi-serious Gmod RP server We are Limelight, a gaming and roleplay community. We offer a custom semi-serious roleplay gamemode - CityRP 2 - on servers both in the EU and US regions. Our gamemode lets you experience a wide range of roleplay opportunities: you can be a police officer or paramedic, be a criminal and sell contraband, work with clans and corporations and see your roleplay efforts, whether passive or aggresive, directly influence the Stock Market. We pride our community on its exceptional roleplay, fair administration, great community spirit, and frequent updates to the gamemode.
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Getting started Before joining our server please subscribe to our Steam Workshop content. This will allow you to load onto our servers faster and ensure you have all the necessary content to play. You will also need to review our server rules and can do so while you wait to load into the game.
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Players have a wide variety of content to work with in order to create amazing roleplays and events within our server. We have a wide variety of building
props players can utilize and by roleplaying effectively you can earn REP to gain access to exclusive items. With full clan support, a stock market based
off clans, and the ability to broadcast on our in-game radio there truely is unlimited roleplay potential.

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5 Photon police/SWAT vehicles
11 lightbars to choose from
Warrant approval system for searches and arrests
Realistic police uniforms and equipment
Wide array of tools to catch and incarcerate criminals
Custom props for police checkpoint RP

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